$914 Social Security payments on November 1, 2023: Who will receive them?

The Social Security Administration has scheduled a single payment of up to $914 for the month of November. Beneficiaries from different states will receive this specific amount in the form of financial aid issued by the agency, which allocates part of its budget to assist those who meet certain requirements.

This check corresponds to the direct payments section of the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programand the amount is expected to be issued at the beginning of November. In order to access the full amount, the first step is for the beneficiary to make their annual declaration individually.

How much can beneficiaries receive as Supplemental Security Income?

The payment amounts for beneficiaries will depend on their status. The rate of payments for individuals is $914 per month. The amount for eligible couples who file jointly would be qualified to receive monthly payments with a maximum of $1,371, which they would share. Essential persons, or those who live with someone receiving SSI benefits and provide them with the care that they need, could be entitled to a monthly payment rate of up to $458.

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Main requirements to request payment

The main condition to request the November check is to be at least 65 years old and meet certain specific requirements regarding financial income in relation to the family unit. There are certain exceptions for people over 65 with a physical or mental disability that limits their work activity.

In the case of children, all those with physical, visual or mental disabilities may request the payment, as long as their parents are not beneficiaries of Social Security and they also meet the specific conditions that qualify them as low-income recipients.


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