Aaron Rodgers criticized over Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden comments

Aaron Rodgers has been criticized for his recent comments on President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

during an appearance on tucker carlson show On Tuesday, the New York Jets star praised the Russian president, calling him a “thoughtful, smart, guy.”

The quarterback suggested Biden should behave more like Putin, telling Tucker Carlson: “I would love to see Joe Biden give an interview where he can speak on the history of the United States the same way Putin has on his country.” “Talked about history.”

Main: Aaron Rodgers on December 17, 2023 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Inset (L): President Joe Biden, April 2024. Inset (R): Vladimir Putin, May 7, 2024. The football star has raised eyebrows with his views…

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The two were discussing Carlson’s visit to Russia in February, during which the former Fox News host interviewed Putin.

The conservative commentator was attacked over his choice of topics and accused of taking the Russian Prime Minister for granted by not asking “tough questions”. However, Rodgers appears to disagree with the criticism, praising the interview in his discussion with Carlson.

“How does it feel to be back?” Rodgers asked. “Because everyone who watched the interview was like, number one, this was awesome. Number two, Putin came across as an interesting, thoughtful, smart guy.

“And if you have read 1984The basis of the game plan of government control, you must have an enemy, and you must condemn that enemy, regardless of what you know about them.”

newsweek Aaron Rodgers has been contacted for comment via email.

MediaTouch Network editor-in-chief Ron Filipkowski shared an excerpt of Rodgers’ interview with Carlson, formerly of X, on Twitter.

The clip has been viewed more than 2 million times in less than 24 hours. Rodgers’ comments caused a stir in the comments section, with many users criticizing the football star.

“Can we get him a one-way ticket to Russia?” asked Heather P.

Jared Ryan Sears said, “People who claim to be American patriots certainly spend a lot of time insulting our country while praising our enemy.”

Savinian wrote, “I’m sad to hear that if Aaron Rodgers ‘knew’ everything about American history it would be endlessly entertaining,” while @FfaceVonFstick said: “I wish Aaron Rodgers would shut the fuck up.” Had known more about.”

However, other users agreed with Rodgers.

“He’s right,” @GrafxSkr commented.

“Agreed,” said Lew Hivol.

Rodgers has generated controversy in recent years with his comments on conspiracy theories and Donald Trump.

In January, the 40-year-old came under fire after suggesting Jimmy Kimmel should be added to the list of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates. Pat McAfee Show, Unsealed court records list more than 100 names linked to the late financier and sex offender – including celebrities, politicians and public figures. However, being named in the documents does not mean the person did anything illegal or was involved in Epstein’s sex trafficking enterprise.

Kimmel and his family faced online abuse due to Rodgers’ comments, with the comedian threatening legal action. Rodgers had also previously suggested that the United States and Canada and the military’s shooting down of unidentified objects in February were a “distraction” from the release of the Epstein list.

Rodgers is a vocal critic of vaccines and has faced criticism for calling Travis Kelce “Mr. Pfizer.” The Kansas City Chiefs tight end appeared in a commercial for the pharmaceutical brand in September, encouraging people to get the flu jab and COVID-19 booster shots at the same time.

Rodgers has previously been criticized for his “misleading” vaccine comments. The NFL star claimed he was “immunized” against COVID-19 by following his personal treatment plan, despite not getting vaccinated.