Aeromexico Passenger: A man in Mexico was arrested for opening the emergency door of an aeroplane and walking onto the wing. The incident occurred after the Guatemala City-bound flight experienced hours of delays on the tarmac without air conditioning or water for passengers. While Mexico International Airport stated that no harm was done, they handed the passenger over to the police.

Fellow passengers, however, released a joint statement expressing their support for the man. They claimed that he took this action for the safety of everyone on board due to the extended delay and lack of air circulation, which created potentially dangerous conditions.

The incident occurred about three hours after the scheduled departure time from Mexico City last Thursday, and a maintenance issue caused the delay. The incident report indicated that a change of planes became necessary after the passenger’s unexpected move.

The current status of the man’s custody and potential charges remains unclear. Despite the official perspective, irate passengers saw the individual’s actions as a protective measure. A handwritten note, signed by fellow passengers, circulated on social media, asserting that the man had “saved our lives” by addressing the concerning conditions on the delayed flight.


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