Confession in phone tapping: Trouble for KCR

The phone tapping scandal has been a topic of discussion in Telangana’s political circles for the past three months. It is alleged that the previous BRS government led by KCR had illegally tapped the phone calls of several politicians and businessmen with the help of the police department.

Former Task Force DCP Radha Kishan Rao was one of the main accused in the case. Meanwhile, Radha Kishan Rao’s statement has now been leaked to the media and it contains some serious allegations against KCR and his BRS party, which could put them in serious trouble.

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According to Radha Kishan Rao’s statement, the phone tapping operation was planned by Special Intelligence Branch (SIB) chief Prabhakar Rao. It is heard that on the instructions of Prabhakar Rao, the police department gathered information about those who pose a threat to the BRS party.

This information was given to SIB DSP Praneet and he constantly kept an eye on these persons.

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Radha Kishan Rao also revealed the people who were under the radar. They were MLC Shambipur Raju (for his feud with Quthbullapur MLA Vivekananda), Rajaiah (former BRS leader and rival of Ghanpur MLA Kadiyam Srihari), Patnam Mahender Reddy and his wife Sunitha (rivals of former Tandur MLA Pilot Rohith), retired IPS officer RS ​​Praveen Kumar, NTV Narendra Chowdhary and ABN Andhrajyothi MD Radha Krishna.

Phones of opposition leaders like Raghuveer Reddy (Jana Reddy’s son), Saritha Tirupathiah (Gadwal), Vamshi Krishna (Achampet) and Juvvadi Narasinga Rao (Korutla) were also tapped.

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Radha Kishan Rao said that many businessmen, industrialists and real estate barons were also under surveillance. When they realised that their phones were being tapped, they started using internet apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Signal to communicate.

Nevertheless, Prabhakar Rao and his team used to track those internal calls through Internet Protocol Data Records (IDPR).

Radha Kishan Rao also named iNews journalist Shravan Kumar as a key member in this scam. He alleged that Shravan used to pass on information about opposition party leaders and their financial backers to Prabhakar Reddy under the guidance of former minister Harish Rao.

Rao also claimed that Shravan provided specific information for targeted seizure of money from leaders of opposition parties and also helped Praneeth Kumar’s team in running online trolling campaigns against people criticising the BRS party.

These are serious allegations against KCR and the BRS party. So far the police have not given any official statement about Radha Kishan Rao’s confession. It remains to be seen what effect these allegations have on the BRS and its supremo.


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