Indicted congressman George Santos is apologizing for a venomous social-media post about a fellow Republican’s son, saying that he has the “maturity and humility to acknowledge and accept when I’m wrong.”

Capitol Hill’s biggest fibber blamed a “misguided moment of rage” for his online attack on Rep. Steve Womack (R-AR)—who had mocked him after he survived an expulsion resolution.

“Last night, the House saw its shadow. Unfortunately, this means there will be two more weeks of Santos,” Womack tweeted.

This is hardly the harshest thing a member of Congress has said about Santos (R-NY), but he went overboard, tweeting back at Womack, “Your son is a felon.”

“He has been in and out of the prison system for years. He is a drug dealer, poisoning people on the streets with meth and unlawful possession of a gun,” Santos wrote.

“Instead of being home, taking care of your son, you’re sitting pretty in the swamp.”

He closed his diatribe with: “Listen, I have been respectful of my colleagues through this process but I am sick and tired of people with glass houses casting stones at me.”

He attached a month-old news article about a federal drug case against James Womack, 36, that included a heartfelt comment from his father.

“There’s not a more helpless feeling than to see your adult children struggle with addiction and its horrific consequences. This is our cross to bear,” the congressman said. “We will never give up on a solution. We love him unconditionally and believe in our hearts he will redeem himself. We regret he is at the mercy of the criminal justice system and will respect the judgment.”

Santos’ mean-spirited snark in the face of a family struggle—while he is headed to trial on 23 charges including wire fraud and identity theft—brought swift backlash and, hours later, a mea culpa.

“I’ve always held the standard that our families are off limits and I crossed that line and for that I am embarrassed and deeply sorry for doing so. This apology is the correct thing to do and with that said @rep_stevewomack I am deeply and truly sorry for my actions. I am praying for your family during these difficult times.”

Before the infighting unfolded, Santos had drawn attention on social media for posting a meme about the failed expulsion resolution. It showed him wearing a crown with the slogan, “If you come for me, you best not miss.”

Perhaps he didn’t realize that could also apply to shooting yourself in the foot.


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