Google I/O 2024 – 7 biggest AI announcements from Gemini to Android 15

The dust has now settled on the Google I/O 2024 keynote and there’s no doubt what the big topic was – Google Gemini and new AI tools completely dominated the announcements, giving us a glimpse of where our digital lives are headed. going. CEO Sundar Pichai was right to describe the event as the pinnacle edition of The Era’s Tour – specifically, the “Gemini Era”.

Unlike previous years, the entire keynote was about Gemini and AI; In fact, Google said the latter a total of 121 times. From the unveiling of a futuristic AI assistant called “Project Astra” that can run on phones — and maybe even smart glasses one day — to Gemini being incorporated into nearly every service or product the company offers, artificial intelligence It was definitely a major topic.


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