This afternoon, temperatures soared in Hobart, propelling it to the position of the second hottest capital city in Australia by 1:30 pm, registering at 28 degrees. Surpassing Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, and Darwin, Hobart was only outdone by Brisbane, trailing by a margin of 0.8 degrees.

However, this milestone in hot weather was short-lived, as temperatures in Hobart rapidly decreased to 25.8 degrees by 2 pm. The Bureau of Meteorology predicts a predominantly sunny and hot day throughout Tasmania tomorrow, with Hobart and Launceston expecting a high of 25 degrees.

Devonport and Burnie are forecasted to reach 23 degrees, accompanied by showers further west. Some areas face a high fire danger in the upcoming days, prompting the Tasmania Fire Service to caution Tasmanians to “remain vigilant.”

While Tasmania has been fortunate to avoid major bushfires since November, TFS Deputy Chief Officer Matt Lowe emphasizes the need to avoid complacency. Bushfire season is ongoing, with High Fire Danger ratings predicted in various districts in the coming days. Tasmanians are urged to act responsibly and stay alert.


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