Karen Reed murder trial continues, Brian Albert says O’Keefe never entered his home

Dedham – Testimony continued Karen Read Murder trial on Friday, and jurors in Massachusetts case Heard from the owners of the Canton home where Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe was found dead outside.

“He’s in the snow”

Nicole Albert, Brian Albert’s wife, testified about the moment she learned O’Keefe was found outside their Canton home at 34 Fairview Road on January 29, 2022.

Albert said that between 6 a.m. and 6:30 a.m., her sister Jennifer McCabe came into her bedroom “threateningly.”

“She’s saying, ‘He’s in the snow, we found him in the snow, we don’t know if he’s OK.’

Albert said he did not immediately realize that his sister was talking about O’Keefe.

“He said to us… ‘John, John, you remember John from last night at the waterfall?’ Albert remembered. “I’m like, ‘What do you mean? How could he be out?'”

During cross-examination, the defense questioned Albert’s account of the events of that morning and said that cell phone records showed that he responded to two phone calls from his sister at 6:07 a.m. and 6:08 a.m. Gave.

“It says so, but I never answered my sister Jennifer’s phone call that morning,” Albert said.

Albert was also asked why she and her husband never went outside when police were called to the scene early in the morning. “We didn’t go out because we didn’t know what was happening outside. We were fast asleep,” he said.

Brian Albert says Reed and O’Keefe never entered his home

Brian Albert was called to the stand after his wife. The defense claims that Brian Albert, his nephew Colin Albert and his friend Brian Higgins are the three men who killed John O’Keefe in the fight, an alternative theory to the state’s case is that Reid killed O’Keefe. Had hit with his car.

Albert, a retired Boston police officer, was also at the falls the night O’Keefe and Reed visited. He said he had met O’Keefe only twice before that night.

Brian Albert said, “Although I didn’t know him well, I considered him a friend and we had a very, very good relationship.”

After returning to his home, he said his nephew Colin was there with a group of people, but he left within five minutes. He said O’Keefe and Reed never went to his house that night. Brian Albert said, “John O’Keefe and Karen Reed never entered my house.”

officer killed girlfriend test
Witness Brian Albert testifies during the trial of Karen Reed in Norfolk County Superior Court on Friday, May 10, 2024, in Dedham, Mass.

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Brian Albert said Jennifer McCabe suddenly came into his room just after 6 a.m. and said she was “very upset, almost hysterical.” He said the police were downstairs and he went down to talk to them. He said he called Higgins and said he felt it was important for her to know what happened.

The Alberts eventually sold their home and when asked if O’Keefe’s death led to the sale, Brian Albert said, “Absolutely not.”

Brian Albert will be back in the stand on Monday.

According to the judge’s rules “Turtleboy” cannot be in court for the testimony of certain witnesses.

Reed’s hearing was briefly halted Friday as Judge Beverly Cannon heard arguments about Aidan Kearney. Blogger known as “Turtleboy” Can stay in court. Kearney, who runs the “TB Daily News,” sat with reporters in the courtroom during testimony for the first time.

Kearney was arrested and charged witness intimidation Read the issue in October. He pleaded innocent to the charges.

Judge Cannon said he found that Kearney’s presence would have an “intimidating effect” on the testimony of some witnesses. He said he would be given immunity from court during the testimony of Julie Nagel, Christopher Albert, Colin Albert, Michael Proctor, Jennifer McCabe, Matthew McCabe, Brian Albert and Nicole Albert.

Outside court, Kearney criticized the judge’s decision.

“They have used these fabricated allegations to smear my name and portray me as some kind of dangerous scaremonger,” Kearney said. “I’ve never threatened anybody, I’ve never hurt anybody, none of them are afraid of me, none of them are afraid of me.”

Julie Albert on the stand

The testimony concluded Thursday afternoon with Julie Albert on the stand. She is the wife of Christopher Albert, whose brother Brian owns the house at 34 Fairview Road.

Julie Albert was out with a group Waterfall Bar and Grill With O’Keefe, Reed and others in Canton a few hours before O’Keefe’s death. Albert said she went home earlier than everyone else that night, about 11 p.m., because she had a migraine.

Albert said she learned of O’Keefe’s death the next morning when she went to her Fairview Road home to deliver a birthday present to her nephew.

“Everyone was obviously upset,” Albert said.

During cross-examination the defense focused on Albert’s relationship with Courtney, the sister of Trooper Michael Proctor. Trooper Proctor is the lead investigator on this case.

According to Reed’s attorneys, Julie Albert called Courtney Proctor dozens of times in the months following O’Keefe’s death, including on the day of Reed’s arrest.

“Were you using Courtney Proctor as an intermediary to communicate with Michael Proctor about this matter?” defense attorney David Yanetti asked.

“No, I wasn’t,” Albert testified.

Julie Albert says she doesn’t remember details of phone call with Trooper Proctor’s wife

When cross-examination resumed on Friday, Albert said she did not remember what was discussed in her phone call with Courtney Proctor, and also said that she had been informed of Trooper Proctor’s personal information following a police interview at her home. Don’t remember calling the cell phone.

In previous hearings, the defense has said Brian Albert, ATF agent Brian Higgins and Christopher and Julie Albert’s son Colin are their suspects in O’Keefe’s death.

Julie Albert testified Friday that her son, who was a teenager at the time, was at a friend’s house before stopping at 34 Fairview to wish his cousin a happy birthday.

christopher albert testifies

The defense claims the Albert family is at the center of an alleged effort to frame Reed. Canton Select Board member Christopher Albert was on the stand for about two hours Thursday.

Chris Albert will testify in the Karen Reed murder trial on May 9, 2024.

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Albert testified that everyone in the group had a good time on the night of January 28, 2022, and Reed remembered coming to the bar with a glass under his jacket. Police say they found a broken cocktail glass at the scene where Reed is accused of killing O’Keefe by hitting him with his SUV.

Christopher Albert says he was never inside Brian Albert’s house the night O’Keefe died. Reed’s defense states that O’Keefe was killed and dragged outside during a fight inside Brian Albert’s home.

Who is Karen Reed?

Read, 45, is charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter while operating under the influence of alcohol, and leaving the scene of personal injury and death. The trial is taking place inside Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham.

They argue that she is the victim of a cover-up involving many people, including law enforcement.


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