Live updates: Protests erupt in Kenya’s Nairobi after outrage against financial bill

At least five people were killed and 31 injured in protests in Kenya on Tuesday, a joint statement issued by several human rights groups said.

“Despite assurances by the government that the right to assembly would be protected and facilitated, today’s protests have escalated into violence. Human rights observers and medical officers have reported multiple incidents of human rights violations,” the statement said.

It was released by Amnesty International Kenya, Kenya Medical Association, Law Society of Kenya and Police Reforms Working Group Kenya.

At least five people were shot dead, according to the statement. At least 31 people were injured, of whom 13 were hit by live bullets, four by rubber bullets and three by launcher canisters.

CNN has contacted Kenyan police for comment.

The statement also said that 21 people were kidnapped or went missing in the past 24 hours, some of whom were later released. At least 52 people have also been arrested, the statement said.

“We urge the state and all parties to calm the situation and cease the use of lethal force in order to protect lives,” the statement said.

“The shootings by police officers at the Medical Emergency Centre at the Holy Basilica must stop immediately. Again, the use of live ammunition must now stop. It is now necessary to provide safe passage for all emergency services and to treat the many injured.”

UpdatesThis post has been updated with the latest statement from human rights groups.


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