Microsoft is putting its Co-Pilot AI into games like Minecraft

AI is very popular these days, and it looks like Microsoft is incorporating this technology into some of its Xbox and PC games. At the company’s recent Surface and AI event, it showed off its new CoPilot AI, which is Microsoft’s unique twist on what we’ve seen from big tech companies like OpenAI (ChatGPT) and Google (Gemini).

On X/Twitter, Microsoft posted a demo video of a player using Copilot to learn how to make a sword in Minecraft. According to windows central, this AI will respond in natural language (like most LLMs) and explain how to use the resources you have, and even guide you to them. Microsoft emphasized that the data used for CoPilot will remain on the device, and will not be uploaded to the cloud or used to train language models without user consent.

Like all AI models, it sounds good in theory, but it remains to be seen whether it actually works. So-called AI “nightmare” (i.e. the model creating or reporting false information) has been a problem with LLM since the beginning, which can lead to some frustrating scenarios. But overall, this is a potential game-changer for those who like it. Will avoid scouring the game wiki and Google searches to find the answer to that difficult puzzle.

At the event, Microsoft demonstrated “CoPilot+ PC”, which is equipped with proprietary AI technology. However, to take full advantage of that technology they’ll need better hardware, including a neural processor and 16GB of RAM. Windows laptops with AI will launch starting June 18.


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