New $1,900 Social Security checks will be confirmed if you were born between these dates

The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides monthly benefits to approximately 72 million people in the country, the majority of whom are senior citizens age 65 or older. If you’re a retiree and were born between the 21st and the 31st, you’ll get a new $1,900 social security check In a few hours. In addition to senior citizens, Social Security also provides monthly checks to millions of survivors, people with disabilities, and low-income seniors to help cover their daily expenses. Additionally, don’t forget that Social Security benefits already include a 3.2% increase in cost of living adjustment (COLA) to help beneficiaries keep pace with rising inflation.

As inflation continues to rise, recently Cola Estimate The claim for 2025 is that the percentage increase could be between 2.6% and 3.2%. However, despite an increase of 8.7% and 3.2% last year in 2023 and 2024 respectively, senior citizens believe that this increase is not enough to cover their monthly expenses. In addition to the constant fear of not having enough money to survive, senior citizens have also raised concerns about the future of the social security system. According to some financial experts, the Social Security trust fund could run out by 2033, which could compromise the Social Security checks each beneficiary receives to date.

Why is a Social Security check important for seniors age 65 or older?

Receiving monthly and continuing Social Security checks is important for millions of seniors age 65 and older because it is their way to cover essential expenses such as housing, health care, daily living, entertainment, taxes, loans, travel and hobbies. Is primary income. Without this monthly check upMany senior citizens will be unable to make ends meet and will likely live in poverty, as most of them are no longer able to work as they used to.

According to Economic Policy Institute, monthly Social Security checks substantially reduce poverty among the elderly. While 12% of seniors currently live in poverty, more than half of seniors would become poor if they did not receive Social Security. Thirty percent of older beneficiaries receive 90% or more of their income from Social Security payments, while the remaining two-thirds receive 50% or more of their total income from the program.

When Social Security checks are taken into account, the median income for senior households is currently less than $18,000. Where does sixty-six percent of a middle-class retired person’s income come from? social security benefits, While personal savings and other assets provide some income for most older households (households headed by individuals aged 65 years or older), they make up only 10% of the income of the average middle-class senior household. An additional 14% of this group’s income comes from employment-based pensions.

A new $1,900 security check will arrive in just a few hours

As mentioned earlier, if you were born between the 21st and 31st, you’ll receive a new Social Security check on Wednesday, May 22nd. Once this payment is completed, the Social Security Administration will resume monthly payments as follows:

  • On June 3: For all retirees who claimed their Social Security check before 1997, regardless of their date of birth.
  • On June 12: For retired employees whose date of birth is between 1st to 10th.
  • On June 18: For retired employees whose date of birth is between 11th and 20th.
  • On June 26: For retired employees whose date of birth is between 21st to 31st.

Remember, you can also check social security payment schedule To understand more about the monthly payments as per the different programs offered by SSA.

How much will be the monthly benefit for senior citizens aged 65 years and above?

On average, all retired employees who have made social Security contributions Will be approved to receive monthly Social Security checks for the last 35 years. However, the payment amount may vary depending on their work history, their average contributions, and the age at which they decide to claim their benefits. Here is confirmation of the acceptable payment amounts for this year:

  • on average: $1,900
  • Age 62: $2,710
  • Age 67: $3,822
  • Age 70: $4,873


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