Published: 2023-10-30T03:13:47

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Pokemon Go leaks, apparently sourced from a prominent community figure, reveal prospective content for December and January. New events, Ultra Beasts, and Pokemon have all been detailed.

October has been a massive month for Pokemon Go but the Halloween Timed Research events are coming to an end. Hope everyone managed to get their Eeerie Echoes pose in time.

With the November Community Day dates already confirmed, eagle-eyed Pokemon Go players are looking ahead for more information. Thanks to some possible leaks, December 2023 and January 2024 may have been blown wide open.

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Reddit user u/Infinite-Set-2590 has published a “potential December & January content leak” to r/TheSilphRoad and they look promising. Amongst the potential content revealed is a new Elite Raid and more Scarlet & Violet Pokemon to catch.

According to u/Infinite-Set-2590, the leak comes from a DiscordServer that frequently breaks Pokemon Go news and the source is none other than MorningStar. MorningStar has accurately leaked multiple Pokemon Go events in the past.

The leaks include dates and details for events across December and January including Pokemon Go debuts for Minior, Cetoddle, and Cetitan. On top of these, an apparent Ultra Beast event in early January will introduce Stakataka and Blacephalon to the app.

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Details of an apparent Holiday event that begins on December 5th include a surge in Shiny Cryogonal and a Wyrdeer raid on December 23rd. Very Christmassy.

Perhaps most exciting though is the prospect of a new Elite Raid featuring fan-favorite Sword of Justice Keldeo. Users in the comments of the thread are already preparing their strategies.

The Pokemon Company

Everyone’s favorite weirdo Blacephalon could be coming to Pokemon Go.

Of course with leaks of this nature, it is always best to take them with a heaping of salt. While the stated source is a reliable one, there are never any guarantees when it comes to these things.

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