Praiseworthy reviews for ‘Bold, Brilliant’ Billie Eilish

Critics are excited about Billie Eilish’s “surprising and intimate” third studio album, Hit Me Hard & Soft, which was released on Friday.

The star wrote on Instagram that he and his brother and collaborator, Finneas O’Connell, “put a lot into this album and have never liked anything more”.

It was written by him in What Was I Made For? This comes after winning his second Oscar for. From the Barbie soundtrack earlier this year.

The Telegraph called the album “clear, bleak and her best work to date”, while The Times said it was “confident and non-conformist”.

Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas O'Connell at this year's Oscars

Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas O’Connell at this year’s Oscars [Getty Images]

Variety’s Chris Williams said Eilish continued her winning streak with the release of “Surprising and Intimate”.

He praised Eilish’s latest offering as “albums that actually feel like albums”, comparing them to Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter and Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Artist Department.

Williams called them “collections that you want to immerse yourself in, not because the respective artists demand it – although they do – but because these are women who know how to build worlds”.

Thomas Smith of NME called Eilish’s work “adventurous, brilliant and somewhat bright”. compared to the first, saying that it “remains clearly unique, its portrait of an eccentric genius entering young adulthood, discovering his eccentricity and experiencing the emotional thrill and (sometimes) pursuit of passion.” Experiencing the disaster of committing or falling in love.

“In trying to write an album for herself, she has created an album that will be more effective than anything she has done before.”

Neil McCormick of The Telegraph gave it five stars. and gave high praise, saying: “The young superstar’s sensual heartbreak is good enough to stand alongside Joni Mitchell’s Blue.”

billie eilish on stage billie eilish on stage

Billie Eilish performs on stage at her album release listening party in New York this week [Getty Images]

In In The Times, Will Hodkinson said she “borrows stylistic touches from decades Singing about coming out, physical problems and homosexual lust”.

He wrote that the “sweet love ballad “Skinny Skinny” deals with other people’s concerns about her weight, as she walks off the stage, feeling like a caged bird, and is likely already at her weight.” Has crossed the pinnacle of his career”.

I am writing Financial Times, Ludovic Hunter-Tilney said that “the singer’s music is energetic From her pushy relationship with fame”.

He added, “Lunch is a smoothly moving track about sex whose food imagery cancels out Skinny’s self-denying language”, while “the bluesy beats and vocals are accompanied by master switch-ups of a relationship.” Describes the end”.

‘Wonderful Labyrinth of Music’

Helen Brown of The Independent gave the album five stars.Saying: “Eilish removed the title Hit Me Hard and Soft from the name of a sound effect in ProTools’ audio software kit.

“It’s a perfect fit for a record that delivers some big emotional notes through a wonderful maze of music.”

During this Alexis Petridis gave the album four stars in The Guardian.Said that it “gives the wrong impression on the listener”.

He said, “It’s clearly aimed at something that should be slowly removed: a bold step into a pop world where audiences are typically portrayed as suffering from an attention deficit that requires instant gratification. Is”.

Hannah Daly, writing in Billboardsaid that Eilish’s “latest set puts her fully in possession of the narrative maturity she was realizing on her 2021 sophomore effort Happier Than Ever”.

He added: “But with Gothic references to death and criminal activity in songs like Birds of a Feather and The Diner, and with shades of blue adding a darker dimension to even the album’s most joyous moments, this project is a continuation of Starr’s It also delivers on the promise that the album will produce their number one hit… When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” Will mark the return of the attraction of.


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