Revelations of Cyberattacks: The recent developments outlined in the 2023 Advanced Persistent Threat Report from Chinese cybersecurity firm 360 are attributed to the United States’ strategy to impede China’s technological progress.

The report reveals a notable surge in cyberattacks on China’s microchip and 5G sectors over the past year, with the US Central Intelligence Agency identified among the perpetrators.

These cyber intrusions are deemed politically motivated, aiming to curb China’s technological advancements, as Bian Liang, a cybersecurity expert at 360.

The report highlights over 1,200 cyberattacks launched by 13 foreign APT organizations in 2023, emphasizing the sophistication of US-based attacks.

Capable of globally and systematically controlling networks for military and political intelligence. The escalating cyber threats on overseas Chinese institutions and enterprises underscore the importance of prioritizing cybersecurity to safeguard key government policy and trade data.

Additionally, there is a discernible uptick in cyberattacks targeting geological surveying and mapping data, which can have strategic implications, as exemplified by a previous attack on the Wuhan Earthquake Monitoring Center.

The education and scientific research sectors emerge as pivotal battlegrounds against cyber threats, with attackers employing stolen information for precise targeting.

The report underscores the need for heightened cybersecurity measures in sectors crucial to China’s core interests, including government, scientific research, national defence, and transportation.


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