The biggest difference between YSRCP and TDP workers

YSRCP cadre couldn’t tolerate victory then, defeat now!

It has not been even a month since the election results came out.

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YSR Congress’s tally in the state assembly has come down from 151 to just eleven seats.

After raising the slogan ‘why not 175?’ a few days ago, Jagan is waiting to see if the Speaker takes pity on him and grants him opposition status using his discretionary powers.

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The YSR Congress cadre is also in deep trouble and does not see any hope.

Several prominent members of the YSR Congress social media have deactivated their accounts and some have deleted all their old tweets and disappeared.

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Some party supporters are also angry with Jagan due to his mistakes.

They are expressing their frustration on social media and cursing Jagan for the mess he created between 2019 and 2024.

From ‘Why not 175?’, ‘Why not Kuppam?’ to not even getting opposition status, their world was destroyed.

Jagan, Sajjala, Sajjala Bhargava, Sakshi and others – the supporters are not sparing anyone.

The small percentage that is still active are blaming the EVMs.

Comparing this with what happened after the 2019 results, the reactions of the TDP cadre and supporters were completely different.

At that time the supporters were shocked to get only 23 seats. Most of them remained silent for some time and some were licking their wounds and trying to understand where the mistake happened.

At that time there is no blame game or abusing the leadership.

Perhaps this is the difference between the workers of both the parties.

TDP workers have stood the test of time and stood strong despite many ups and downs. They have politics in their veins and know how to react to victory and defeat.

But this is not the case with YSR Congress supporters. Neither the supporters nor the leaders could handle the 2019 victory. They did not handle everything properly and today they are at crossroads. And they could not handle the defeat either.


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