The Cyberpunk sequel will tackle a more dystopian America

cyberpunk 2077 it happens in night cityA fictional metropolis in California that aims to embody the final stage of America’s capitalist excess. Corporations run everything, people have to resort to a life of crime to get one step ahead, and the only places of solace are found in the community, because the systems will do nothing to help you. But developer CD Projekt Red feels it didn’t go far enough in its dystopian near-future setting, and wants the sequel’s codename to better capture the problems Americans face today Orion,

The studio posted a new episode of their Reply Podcast (Thank you, Rock Paper Shotgun), which conducts interviews with developers from the company’s studios around the world. The latest included an interview with Pawel Sasko, associate game director of the upcoming game Cyberpunk The game is currently being developed at CDPR’s new Boston studio. Sasko explained how he felt that cyberpunk 2077 It was intended to depict a dystopian American future, and after traveling to the city more frequently in the years following the game’s launch in 2020, they did not feel they had touched upon certain themes rigorously enough.

“I see that we haven’t pushed the line enough in some places, for example,” Sasko said. “Like, let’s say the homelessness crisis, when I look at it, I think we haven’t pushed the line enough on that. ’77We thought we were dystopian, but we only touched the surface.”

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Dan Harenberg, Executive Producer Cyberpunk sequel, jokingly said that 2077 “There was one homeless person in a tent somewhere” and the team thought that was enough, but the Americans said they would need “a whole city” of homeless people in Night City to understand the homeless crisis in the country. Sasko says living in the US has given him a better perspective on these problems.

“We thought, ‘Oh yeah, we’re so stressed out with all this stuff,’” Sasko said. “And I think, ‘My walk to the train every day is more stressful sometimes.’”

Whereas CyberpunkPortraying systemic problems like homelessness is one thing, Sasko says working on it is another Orion In the US, this would help them catch less serious anomalies, e.g. 2077Manhole covers are higher than those seen in Germany. What you’ll see in American cities,

“When you go to the US, there are things like hydrants, where they are placed and what they look like,” Sasko said. “Street lights, their position. Trash cans, they are in front of the house, right next to the street. In Poland, in Europe, you don’t see it almost anywhere, there are so many details like that. […] Our curbs are different, our colors are different on all of our signs. Everything is just a little bit different and it doesn’t break the immersion, but it’s just a little thing that makes you think, ‘Well, maybe this isn’t, you know, made by people who live here or who fully understand American culture.'”

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