What is troubling all the parties in Andhra Pradesh?

In just two more days, AP will witness one of the most fierce and tough elections as both the opposition and the ruling parties compete for power.

While the TDP-led alliance is trying its best to oust Jagan from power, YS Jagan wants to make a comeback and write history.

Amidst all this, candidates of all major political parties are worried about the silent and hidden factor of cross voting.

Since elections are being held simultaneously for both the Assembly and the Lok Sabha, candidates from major political parties are worried that the possibility of cross voting is high.

Going into details, many MLA candidates themselves are openly asking the voters of their respective constituencies to vote for them and it is their choice when it comes to Lok Sabha.

It is the opposite. Many other MPs are seeking votes from competitive voters for their choice for Lok Sabha and Assembly.

This cross voting is surprising the top leadership of major political parties as it can change the fortunes of many candidates and cause panic in the parties.

Since cross-voting is mostly unpredictable and can have a large-scale impact, political parties are said to be worried.

The election campaign is going to end this evening and voting is going to take place in AP on Monday which will decide the fate of the state.

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