Why are beauty queens giving up their crowns? All the allegations against Miss Universe leadership

TeaThe world of beauty pageants is in the spotlight after both Miss USA and Miss Teen USA stepped down from their positions amid allegations of unprofessional behavior, workplace bullying and harassment by management.

Pageant queens Noelia Voigt and Umasofia Srivastava both announced they would be stepping down from their positions last week. Both women released lengthy statements online detailing the decisions.

Ms. Voigt, 24, the first Venezuelan-American woman to win Miss USA, highlighted the importance of prioritizing mental health, while Ms. Srivastava, 17, said her personal values ​​“no longer completely align with the direction of the organization Are.”

Both announcements came after the resignation of Miss USA social media director Claudia Mitchell, who expressed several concerns.

In her post on Instagram, Ms Mitchell said the decision was not easy, but her experiences at the organization were “disappointing”.

Here are some of the allegations leveled against the Miss Universe Organization (MUO), which owns the pageants.

Noelia Voigt, who was crowned Miss USA 2023, highlighted the importance of prioritizing mental health in an online post and announced that she was giving up her title. ,getty images,

Bullying and toxic work environment

In her resignation post, Ms Mitchell said she had first-hand experience of poor treatment by Ms Voigt and Ms Srivastava and their families. “I reject toxicity and bullying of any kind in the workplace,” she wrote.

“I think the way the current management speaks about its title holders is unprofessional and inappropriate,” he said. He said the teenager was “not given enough time and attention”.

“I have seen for the first time the disrespect towards Uma and her family. In my opinion, our National Teen titleholder was not given enough time and attention, especially on social media.

In her own post, Ms Srivastava, 17, said she would remember her time as Miss NJ Teen USA “fondly” but “I feel that my values ​​no longer completely align with the direction of the organization Are.”

Ms Mitchell wrote: “I don’t believe in taking sides. I believe in speaking the truth. I believe that Noelia and Uma’s mental health and happiness has been impacted and I cannot remain silent about it.

Sources also said New York Post Workplace conditions at the MUO were “detrimental” and of “serious concern”. “There is an urgent need for intervention at the leadership level,” the source told the outlet.

Undermining the ‘personal advocacy’ of titleholders

Ms Mitchell claimed that both Ms Voigt and Ms Srivastava were “threatened” by MUO about sharing personal advocacy on social media due to the organization’s policies, which she wrote “I have yet to see”.

Ms Voigt is particularly a strong advocate of mental health and champion of the children’s charity Smile Train, which she highlighted in her resignation post.

“Whenever someone asked me what my favorite part of being Miss USA was, I would always share with them that I got to work with Smile Train, anti-bullying, dating violence awareness and prevention, a passionate advocate for immigration rights, How much I love being a lawyer. More improvements,” she wrote.

“I know deep down that this is the beginning of a new chapter for me, and my hope is that I inspire others to persevere, prioritize their mental health, use their voice to advocate for themselves and others I will always be, and never fear what the future holds, even if it seems uncertain.”

Ms Mitchell claimed that titleholders’ ability to use their social media platforms to champion purposes had been “diminished” due to oversight by MUO management.

Earlier this week, fans of Ms. Voigt pointed out that the first letter of each sentence of her resignation letter contained a message: “I am silent.” sources told New York Post That this hidden message was intentional.

On Wednesday, several 2023 state titleholders shared a joint statement on social media, saying that the majority of the Miss USA class of 2023 supports Ms. Voigt’s decision to resign.

Both Ms Srivastava (left) and Ms Voigt have issued statements announcing their intentions to resign within the past week ,Getty Images for Supermodels Anal,

The post also requested that MUO permanently release her from the confidentiality clause of her contract “so that she will be free to speak on her experiences and time as Miss USA.”

Independent Noelia Voigt and Umasophia Srivastava have been contacted for comment.

Lack of payment and micromanagement

“As a social media director, you become in charge of a team and create strategies to drive brand growth and presence. However, there was no social media team to manage,” Ms Mitchell wrote in her post.

The former social media director said he was brought in with “zero in-house team members” to assist him and then was “financially” not allowed to hire more people. She also claimed that she worked without pay for the first two months and that many decisions were taken by higher-ups rather than allowing her control and agency in her role.

“The only thing I can really take credit for is the personal content I was able to capture of Noelia and Uma during the events. All pages that were blocked, comments that were removed, and story reposts that were not properly branded were not made by me or under my guidance.

“Despite verbal acknowledgment that I was capable of running the account when I was brought onto the team, I felt like I was never going to be able to run it at the professional level that I had planned.”

Ms Mitchell said she was “shocked and disappointed” that several former assistant national directors of MUO had been fired “for reasons still unknown”.

Independent The Miss Universe Organization has been contacted for comment on Ms Michelle’s claims.

previous controversy

Last week’s resignations and allegations follow previous allegations that the MUO had rigged competitions.

Days after the organization denied allegations of rigging at the Miss Universe pageant in 2023, former Miss USA R’Bonnie Gabriel became the first Filipino American to be crowned.

The company issued a statement Independent At the time, many online users claimed that the pageant favored Miss USA over other contestants and called Ms. Gabriel’s victory “fraudulent.”

The statement described how fans assumed the pageant was rigged because it was owned by JKN Global Group, founded by transgender businesswoman Anne Jakkapong Jakarjutatip, who also owns the Miss USA pageant.

Amy Emmerich, then-CEO of MUO, said, “Allegations of rigging at Miss Universe are false.” “Those who are saying it is ‘doubtful’ that JKN Global Group owns both Miss Universe and Miss USA are not familiar with the history of the organizations. One of the top 4 accounting firms in the United States handled the results And verified the process.

Ms. Emmerich also revealed that when a firm looked into allegations first made in October 2022 about Ms. Gabriel rigging her Miss USA win, those claims were not found.


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