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The multiplayer shooter genre has seen its share of ups and downs over the past few years. Call of Duty is no longer what it used to be, Battlefield 2042 missed the mark somewhat, and even Apex Legends has seen interest wane as it enters its 21st season. This is where a new generation of new players has emerged, and XDefiant is one of them that we’ve been waiting for for a long time. But is it really the CoD killer that was promised? XDefiant might not be the slam dunk we were hoping for, but it has the potential to become something special.

We would call XDefiant a multifunctional shooter. Spanning the breadth of the Ubisoft IP, this free-to-play release sees players take on the role of factions from franchises like Splinter Cell and Far Cry in a 6v6 game mode. Not only that, but each map is stylized and based on locations from said franchise – from the Nudeplex in Watch Dogs 2 to a post-apocalyptic rendition of New York like in The Division. It’s an interesting premise wrapped in an old-school arcade shooter that harkens back to the golden days of Call of Duty.

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As you might expect, there’s a certain simplicity to XDefiant that’s infectiously enjoyable. There are no major game mode gimmicks, nor is there any elaborate narrative-based reason for the Echelon super spies to battle against the Dedsec cyber hackers. This may be a bit disappointing for some as you can find most of what XDefiant offers in other shooters, but the back-to-basics atmosphere in Ubisoft’s latest is undeniably charming.

Of course, vibes only take you so far, so it’s good that we also have a fast shooter that feels much better than the beta we played a month ago. There are a few aspects that will bother you – like the near-stop motion after slides – but matches feel fast-paced, weapon handling is good and time to kill is fairly balanced. It’s certainly not the most polished game Best The shooter feel is there, and it lacks that distinct heft that you’ll also find in films like Modern Warfare 3. We’re also a little disappointed by the lack of haptics, which, outside of detailed thumps when landing from a jump, are pretty lackluster. Thankfully, this is the only downside with the PS5, as performance always feels smooth, and aside from a few server issues, we never had any issues with game performance or usability.

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To add a little flavor to the mix, XDefiant is actually a hero shooter, with each faction offering unique tactical and ultimate abilities. These include everything from fire-breathing drones to portable dome-shields. It’s a nice addition to the whole experience, but it never jumps out at you like it does in Overwatch or Apex Legends. This takes a back seat to the core gameplay experience which can make it feel a little incomplete at times, but ultimately works with the tight-knit map design that’s straight out of old school Call of Duty.

The maps here are the classic three lane design and are one of XDefiant’s biggest strengths. With instant respawn times, you’re back in the action within seconds, and there’s always some skirmish going on at each of the game’s chokepoints. Whenever a match starts, you’re constantly moving around with enemies coming from all directions. Of course this leads to the occasional abuse and we just about managed to catch those DualSenses, but mostly it’s an exciting locked-in feeling to the game.

For those looking for The next shooter they put all their time into, XDefiant is already set to keep you busy. From a base game perspective, you have weapons, attachments and skins that can be unlocked by leveling up and completing specific challenges – even the DedSec faction is locked behind a challenge to earn 700,000XP. Then you have weekly and daily challenges for extra XP and of course the large (albeit dull) Battle Pass for you to work through. It’s nice to work hard for your rewards, but XDefiant doesn’t have that satisfying escalation of levels, where many matches can go by without any meaningful unlocks.

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As we look forward to the weeks and months following launch, Ubisoft has promised to bring new factions and maps from its library of IPs to the game, along with new seasonal content. This all sounds quite promising, and Ubisoft has a proven track record of supporting its multiplayer games. Just look at Rainbow Six: Siege or For Honor and you’ll catch a glimpse of XDefiant’s potential scope.

However, the biggest problem for us at the moment is the lack of character in the show here. We’re talking about the company behind several iconic franchises And Characters, spanning hundreds of years (setting wise) and multiple genres. Yet what stands before us on day one is a bland military shooter. Even as a hero shooter, why can’t we play iconic characters like Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher or Far Cry 3’s Vaas? Likewise, we imagine maps set in Renaissance Italy right out of Assassin’s Creed 2 or one could even dream up a map inspired by Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

If we’re being honest, we expect a lot of this to result in post-launch content and purchasable skins, so there’s still hope. As it stands now, though, the XDefiant doesn’t feel like it’s In fact is taking advantage of the capacity of its premises with six franchises currently in use. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, it could be any other shooter.


XDefiant is a great shooter that will satisfy the arcade cravings with its great gunplay, iconic map design and fan-favourite game modes. It’s a great multiplayer shooter to play on the weekend and we think it will be home to many late-night sessions for old-school Call of Duty fans. It’s not exactly a breath of fresh air for the genre like The Finals, but more like a blast from the past. Is it a CoD killer? No, but if Ubisoft can work their magic and make a splash with their multi-franchise post-launch content, XDefiant could become a regular staple of the shooter genre.


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