BTS’ Jin named as 2024 Paris Olympics torchbearer

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BTS Members Gin Will represent South Korea at the 2024 Summer Olympics.

The 31-year-old singer is set to serve as a torchbearer from his native country during the Olympic torch relay in Paris for this year’s Olympic Games. A statement from BTS’s agency, HYBE, said Jin would attend the ceremony to spread a message of “harmony” and “peace,” multiple outlets reported.

“Although the specific schedule has not yet been revealed, Jin and the other torchbearers will visit various historic sites across the host country,” the statement added. The torch relay began in Olympia, Greece, in April and will pass through 65 regions leading up to the Olympics opening ceremony on Friday, July 26.

The official Olympics website says torchbearers are selected “based on their commitment, dedication and embodiment of at least one core principle of Paris 2024.”

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The news of Jin’s role as the 2024 Paris Olympics torchbearer comes just weeks after he was discharged from the South Korean military after 18 months of service. On June 12, video footage emerged of Jin’s departure from the Yeoncheon County military base in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Dressed in his full uniform, the singer hugged his fellow BTS members and was given flowers to celebrate the moment.

BTS member Jin will serve as Olympic torchbearer after completing military service
Han Myung-gu/WireImage

“I cried during the ceremony,” Jin said during a livestream following his release. “But it’s been so much fun over the past year and six months. It’s such a relief [and] I met so many amazing people.”

As the oldest member of the global boyband, Jin was the first BTS singer to complete his mandatory military service, which began in December 2022. All able-bodied male citizens in South Korea are required to serve in the military for at least 18 months. They are eligible to serve from the age of 18, but service can be postponed until the age of 28.

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In October 2022, BIGHIT MUSIC announced that BTS would be on hiatus until “around 2025” so the band members could complete their military service.

“Since the formation of BTS ten years ago, the band has achieved international success, breaking records and catapulting K-pop to a global stage,” he shared at the time. “Bighit Music has focused on that milestone moment when it would be possible to honor the country’s needs and for these healthy young men to serve alongside their countrymen, and that is now.”

While Jin has completed his requirement, the other six musicians remain in active service. J-Hope recruited in April 2023 while Doubt Will be recruited in September 2023. Jimin, R M, V And Jung Kook All will join the army in December 2023.


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