Gordon Ramsay said he’s ‘lucky to still be here’ after ‘pretty bad’ bike accident

Gordon Ramsay The importance of wearing helmets is being emphasized Biking after revealing last week that he was involved in an accident Connecticut,

“I had a really bad accident, and it really shook me up, and, honestly, I’m so lucky to be here,” the celebrity chef and “Hell’s Kitchen” star said in a video shared to social media on Saturday.

“Now, from the incredible trauma surgeons, doctors, nurses and hospital that looked after me this week, they were amazing. But, honestly, you have to wear a helmet.”

“I don’t care how short the trip is, I don’t care [about] “It’s true that these helmets cost money, but they are very important,” he added. “Even with kids, on short trips, they have to wear a helmet.”

He then explained that he was in pain and that it had been a “brutal week”, after which he removed his chef coat and noticed he had a large gash on his torso.

Ramsay, who commented on his love in the preface to his “Important Message” cyclingand triathlonurged bike riders to wear helmets father’s Day He also asked fathers to contribute during the weekend.

In a post on her Instagram pageRamsay also showed before and after photos of the crash, with the latter photo revealing the damage to his helmet.

She wrote in the caption of her Instagram post that she was “fine” and didn’t have any broken bones or major injuries, adding that her injury “looks like a purple potato.”

“I am grateful to all the doctors, nurses and staff at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital in New London who cared for me and examined me, but most of all to my helmet which saved my life,” Ramsay wrote.

“Happy Father’s Day and stay safe gx.”



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