Bungie releases teaser for Destiny 2 codenamed Frontiers, coming in 2025

Bungie has released a teaser for Destiny 2, codenamed Frontiers, which will arrive sometime in 2025, which will be the 11th year of the series.

A single image was shown at the end of a new video detailing what to expect from the upcoming three episodes of The Final Shape expansion, below. It shows Codename Frontiers, which we know is coming in 2025. Bungie didn’t say anything else about this mysterious update, but with Codename Frontiers, some fans are already speculating that it might involve taking players to planets beyond the Sol system.

Some thought Bungie might have released a teaser for Destiny 3 based on a tweet from one of its developers, but it looks like the wait will continue for that game, if it does come to exist.

The Final Shape concludes the Destiny journey that began with the first game in 2014, but it’s not the end of the series. Year 10, as Bungie calls it, will see three episodes released, each revolving around ‘echoes’ that lead to significant changes in the galaxy.

The first episode is titled Echoes and is set on Nessus, focusing on the antics of the Vex. Players explore the secrets of a lost civilization and face a new enemy, although Bungie has kept its cards close on this one.

The second episode is titled Revenant and revolves around the Fallen. This episode has a more dark fantasy theme, and allows the player to become a Slayer Baron, a.k.a. a vampire hunter. This episode introduces a new system called potion crafting. This includes combat potions and loot potions.

The third and final episode is titled Heresy and revolves around the Hive Pantheon. Heresy takes players back to the Dreadnought, the massive Hive spaceship introduced with the 2015 expansion The Taken King.

After Destiny 2 clans completed The Final Shape raid last week, Bungie unlocked a final mission for all players that concludes the main Destiny story. In previous videos, Bungie developers have teased that The Final Shape isn’t the end of Destiny 2 or even the series, with the developer – now owned by Sony – also working on a multiplayer game marathon.

As of right now, The Final Shape is doing well among fans, despite initial server issues. In the end I had to apologize.Check out IGN Final size review is in progress To know what we think.

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