‘Clipped’ series premiere: Welcome to the Donald Sterling soap opera

‘Clipped’ series premiere: Welcome to the Donald Sterling soap opera – The Ringer

Rob Mahoney and Vosney Lambre lace up and hit the hardwood to reclaim the match. was cut Two-episode series premiere. They begin by sharing their initial feelings on the first two episodes, why it’s so difficult to capture the essence of V. Stiviano on screen, and the exaggerated nature of the performances (Laurence Fishburne’s voicing of the Doctor is definitely a choice) (1:38). Plus, they discuss how the actual basketball sequences take away from the show (23:27). Later, they point out some of their favorite NBA superstar portrayals from the FX sports drama before giving out their own awards for Player of the Game and Most Uncanny Valley Moment (26:01).

Hosts: Rob Mahoney and Vosni Lambre
Producer: Kai Grady
Additional Production Help: Justin Sales

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