MSNBC Lawrence O’Donnell slams White House press over Biden

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell The White House press corps was heavily criticized for its “bizarre behavioral overreach” with visitor log entries, which prompted briefing room feuds with the White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre,

The point was that a report new York Times Which strongly suggested that Dr. Kevin Cannard – A neurologist specializing in Parkinson’s disease – may have been a frequent visitor to the White House to treat the president Joe Biden,

During Monday’s briefing, Jean-Pierre tried to dispel that notion, but he did not disclose sensitive security-related information. KJP noted that Biden had been seen by a neurologist on three occasions for his annual physical, that he has not been and is not being treated or tested or given medication for Parkinson’s, and that he did not confirm Canard’s visit by name. Then the uproar began.

Later on Monday night, Dr. O’Connor issued a letter explaining the full details and said he had received permission to release the information.

on monday night version MSNBC’s the last wordO’Donnell tore into Times And reading O’Connor’s letter to White House reporters:

If you watched any of the White House press briefings today, it was the White House press corps, many of whom were at their worst in the way they spoke to Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who was attempting to answer medical questions.

Where there were limitations on his speaking ability.the new York Times’ Reporting of the way the press secretary handled the matter said she dodged questions. This is not true! the new York Times is wrong about this. He answered every question. He did not name the doctor in the questions being asked to a particular doctor. He did not answer the new York Times Whether it was one journalist or another journalist, he actually responded every time. Journalists kept talking about it constantly. new York Times There’s a report out today that a neurologist visited the White House eight times last year. Here’s the full explanation of why this has nothing to do with President Biden and President Biden’s health, and why the kind of unruly behavior that was endured by the White House, most of the White House press corps, not all, most of the White House press corps today, was as bad as it looked. The president’s physician, Kevin O’Connor, has publicly released a memo that’s addressed to Karine Jean-Pierre. Basically in response to what she had to endure at the White House press briefing today.[reads from Dr. O’Connor’s memo]…And so what the White House press corps wanted to know – wanted the White House to confirm today is, this neurologist came to the White House eight times. And this is information that is only available to the press corps, because the Biden White House discloses records of every White House visitor. How many times did the neurologist visit the Trump White House? The White House press corps has no idea and will never know, because the Trump White House never released the White House visitor logs. How many cardiologists visited the White House during Donald Trump’s time? We have no idea, because the Trump White House hid all of that information. the new York Times This doctor was in the White House logs, this is known because the White House, the Biden White House, unlike the Trump White House, makes that information public.[reads from Dr. O’Connor’s memo]…This information that I just read has been public since February 28th. The president’s physical exam did not reveal any neurological problems. And we now know that the neurologist who conducted the neurology portion of that annual exam was Dr. Kennard, who for other purposes, entirely different purposes, has visited the White House eight times according to the White House visitor logs, which are available to the press, because the Biden White House allows them to be made public, the Trump White House has banned them from ever being seen by anybody. This is a big difference between the presidency of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. One of the smaller differences, one of the least dangerous differences between them, although it is extremely risky, especially in Trump’s world, to not have any records, not know who has actually visited the White House. It could actually be a very risky proposition for this country to live in a White House where you don’t know who is coming in and out. We have other issues to talk about tonight, and we will, but this breaking news is about the new York Times Today was the huge, embarrassing news that a neurologist visited the White House eight times and the White House press corps took it as the most important news to come into that room for – I don’t know, as long as Biden is president, that’s for sure. The bizarre behavioral overreaction by the White House press corps today, most, not all of the White House press corps, was captured on video. It has now been fully and completely answered by Dr. O’Connor, President Biden’s physician at the White House. So that controversy is over.

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