‘The Final Shape’ launch time, pre-load time and a warning

It’s common for Destiny 2 players to get a lot of work done before a season ends, especially when it’s right before a major expansion and a lot of content is being removed. The same is true for The Final Shape, but with an even bigger caveat.

The caveat here is that there’s going to be a full 25 hours of downtime before The Final Shape launches on June 4, but you’ll no doubt want to know about pre-load and release times too. Key information:

  • playstation preload time, Monday, June 3 at 10 a.m. PT, 1 p.m. ET. Some users might be able to pre-download from June 1st itself if auto updates/download is enabled on your system.
  • Xbox preload times: Shortly after Destiny 2 was taken offline June 3 at 10 a.m. (PT) and p.m. ET.
  • Steam/Epic/Microsoft preload time: Shortly after Destiny 2 went offline June 3 at 10 a.m. (PT) and p.m. ET.
  • 25 hour maintenance start, Monday, June 3 at 9 am PT, 12 pm ET – This is one hour before the normal reset.
  • Global launch time: Tuesday, June 4, 10 am PT, 1 pm ET – Although obviously with a big expansion like this you might need some time to deal with login and server issues or other technical problems. We rarely escape them, and this is a pretty big launch.

You’ll also need to prepare your hardware for how large the file sizes will be and how much space you’ll need for the preload, which is huge, especially on Steam:

  • PS5 – Final install size: 143.81 GB, Storage space for pre-load: 143.81 GB
  • ps4 – Final install size, 110.70 GB, Storage space for pre-load: 129.31 GB
  • Xbox one – Final install size, 139.52 GB, Storage space for pre-load: 139.52 GB
  • Xbox Series X/S – Final install size 165.82 GB, Storage space for pre-load: 165.82 GB
  • Steam – Final install size: 155.50 GB, Storage space for pre-load – 299.70 GB
  • Epic Games Store – Final install size: 144.61 GB, Storage space for pre-load: 279.66 GB
  • Microsoft Store – Final install size 156.22 GB, Storage space for pre-load: 156.22 GB

Even if the final size aligns with other platforms, Steam and Epic essentially download two copies of the game for preload, the new and the old version, so the size is pretty big. If you don’t want to delete like five other games to accommodate more than your hard drive can currently handle, you should wait until the actual launch. I also believe you can uninstall the game and reinstall with the new version when preload time comes to avoid this, then you’ll only need one copy.

Again, the big caveat here is that you need to get all your last minute tasks done today, as you’ll only have a few hours tomorrow morning due to the 25 hour downtime. Spend your Legendary Shards, farm Onslaught Shinies, get the seasonal red border, it’s all going to be finished. And of course put the finishing touches on your Final Shape cutscene cosmetic look. Enjoy.

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