Still no one has beaten Destiny 2’s final Shape raid, now it’s the longest ever (update: someone did)

Updates: Now a team claims to have defeated the raid, off-stream. Team Parabellum, and an unknown squad. Bungie is confirming.

The original article is as follows:

Good morning everyone, No, no one has yet beaten Destiny 2’s Last Wish raid, Salvation’s Edge just surpassed Last Wish to become the world’s longest first attempt at over 18 hours.

Some teams are in a final boss fight against The Witness, which includes community legends Datto, Hopscotch And ATPThe problem, however, is that all of these teams are so determined to win that they have gone to extremes to protect their strategies from each other.

Yesterday’s fourth match of the eight-hour series had these teams muting their mics and blurring out parts of their screens containing buffs and debuffs, now, all the top teams have gone into complete blackout mode. ATP is showing a static picture. Daito only has his own camera to see on the screen. Saltagrappo was streaming the actual fight on mute for a while, but that has now gone dark. The closest thing we’re seeing to a boss fight now is the coloured lights reflecting on Daito’s face.

I understand Why It’s happening. These teams want to be the first to complete the most important, most difficult raid in Destiny’s history. But as far as this exciting community event goes, that’s completely off the table. They might as well be offline, because at most we can hear a few battle cries. Often not even that.

There have been calls for a “rule” to be implemented about this, but it would be largely unenforceable since that would force anyone trying to beat the raid to stream the raid, and it’s always been the case that you can play privately and win that way, meaning no one is excluded from trying. I’m not sure what the answer is here.

As for the raid itself, many are calling it Destiny’s best raid ever. The first encounter took a lot of time for several teams, including Aztecross, the most-watched streamer at the start, who attracted 100,000 viewers, but the encounter four puzzle room kept all teams on their toes for eight hours, and most are still there. Given all the muting, I have absolutely no idea how those mechanics work.

Now, with the boss, before everything goes dark, a very quick insta-wipe mechanic appeared, in which the witness throws a wave of death if you do nothing. I heard that Daito’s team figured out a way to DPS, but I’m not sure if that’s true. If It’s true, the end is in sight, but we’ve been playing for 18 hours, these guys have been without sleep and not thinking or playing as well as they could. Looking at the completions of the last 24+ hours, we’ve seen this before with some teams, but yes, in terms of a final World First, this is the longest now. At a certain point I wonder if Bungie will start worrying about the health of the players. None of these finalist teams are going to stop by any means, not after all of this.

I have mixed feelings on how this is going. The length and difficulty are great and it appears to be an all-time raid. But the viewing experience for the top teams isn’t great anymore, and yet 70,000 people are sitting down to see Dato’s face. Dato winning the final raid race after so many almost firsts would be one of the best stories in Destiny history. I just hope we get to see it.

Updates: Now a team claims to have defeated the raid, off-stream. Team Parabellum, and an unknown squad. Bungie is confirming.

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