Video: Southern California police save life of 8-year-old choking victim

Newly released video shows the terrifying moment when three El Monte police officers saved a boy’s life earlier this week.

Officers first responded to an emergency call about 8 p.m. on Monday regarding a child choking; the exact location of the incident was not released.

Officer Raul Vega was the first to arrive on the scene and found the 8-year-old boy, identified by police as Ethan Cante, unconscious and not breathing with a piece of candy stuck in his windpipe.

The second officer who arrived at the scene, Dennis Chiu, provided an anti-choking device called a LifeVac to clear the little boy’s airway and “prevent a potentially serious outcome for Ethan,” police said.

The El Monte Police Department purchased 200 LifeVac devices in April, officials said. Ethan was the first person the devices were used on since they were purchased, they said.

“Fortunately, with my colleagues and the training we had, we were able to get Candy out,” Officer Vega said. [device] This is a lifesaver.”

“Every parent should have one in their home and car,” he said.

Ethan, his mother and the officers reunited Friday evening at the City Council meeting, where the officers were presented with life-saving awards.


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