Trump criticized for denying involvement in Project 2025 despite evidence

Media outlets and political pundits have targeted Donald Trump after he claimed he has no knowledge of Project 2025.

Amid growing calls for him to respond to the right-wing scheme that seemingly emerged from the dark corners of the internet overnight, Trump denied his involvement in the scheme on Truth Social, leaving many shocked.

“I know nothing about Project 2025. I don’t know who’s behind it. I don’t agree with some of the things they say and some of the things they say are absolutely ridiculous and disgusting. I wish them the best of luck in whatever they do, but I have nothing to do with them,” he posted.

In response, DNC spokesperson Ada Ross issued the following statement:

“Donald Trump and Project 2025 are a massive MAGA operation coordinating on an extreme blueprint to strip away freedoms and undermine democracy — and he’s made that clear himself. Several of Trump’s closest former White House aides are leading the project, and his campaign’s own press secretary starred in one of their recruitment videos,” the statement said.

The Trump allies Ross is referring to include Paul Danes, Trump’s former chief of staff at the U.S. Office of Personnel and Management, Spencer Chretien, former Associate Director of Presidential Personnel, and Trump’s former White House aide Troup Hemenway. Johnny McEnteeformer chief of staff Mark Meadows and former Trump West Wing adviser Stephen Miller.

All the above names have been openly linked or listed Project 2025 are present in some form on the website. In addition, Trump campaign press secretary Caroline Levitt has been seen in recruitment ads for Project 2025.

So what is Project 2025? According to its website, Project 2025 is the effort of “a broad coalition of conservative organizations that have come together to ensure the start of a successful administration in January 2025.” And by successful, the Project means an administration “that has the right conservative policy recommendations and the properly vetted and trained staff to implement them.” He added, “We will take back our government.”

Heritage Foundation is the main organizer of Project 2025, and if this foundation sounds creepy to you, it’s because their proposals have been behind nearly two-thirds of Trump’s policies, including his Supreme Court picks during his presidency. Project 2025’s website even proudly lists this fact, sharing, “Most recently, The Trump administration relied heavily on Heritage’s ‘mandate’‘ He accepted nearly two-thirds of Heritage’s proposals for policy guidance within just a year of his tenure.

If we are indeed blessed/cursed with another conservative president, what does the Heritage Foundation have in store for the American people? The list of agendas that erode protections and rights on everything from abortion and climate change to LGBTQ equality and foreign aid paints a grim picture.

“Trump’s denials should be taken as confirmation that he knows all about Project 2025,” wrote Scott Dworkin, co-founder of the Democratic Coalition.

Even President Joe Biden accused Trump of being unaware of the plan, whose implementation he allegedly played a key role in.

“What is he talking about?” Biden tweeted. “Trump is lying about Project 2025. It’s about his people and his plan. But it threatens your freedom and future.”

He said, “Trump’s ‘project’ will destroy America. If you don’t believe me, do a Google search.”

So when Trump says he “knows nothing about Project 2025,” he is either lying, or he is mentally unfit to be president because he can’t remember what plan he is allegedly involved in.


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