Blue Media now says Lagadapati is real!

We all know how the Blue Media used to be in those days after Lagadapati Rajagopal.

Lagadapati Rajagopal got his 2019 survey wrong and following this he had to retire from surveys and politics completely.

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Blue media used to make fun of Lagadapati till recently.

In this election, Lagadapati’s brother Madhu conducted a survey. Blue Media says that this survey and another survey conducted by AARAA Masthan are the real surveys.

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The rest of the surveys are conducted in TV studios.

AARAA is real as it is the only survey which has given lead to YSR Congress.

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Madhu’s survey is a stupid survey in which he has tried to play safe.

They voted 93 (+/- 8) for the alliance and 82 (+/- 8) for YSR Congress.

This buffer of +/- 8 can completely change the result because the magic number is 88.

This means that it is a secure survey in which the winner is not concluded.

But the blue media likes it because it gives YSR Congress a chance, even if it is an outside chance.

Blue Media started thinking Lagadapati is real, so if he gave a decisive victory to TDP+, then Blue Media would abuse his whole family.


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